The machine key is linked to another

Hi Guys, I am trying to connect machine to orchestrator and I am being hit with the classic "Robot is unavailable ". been through the process multiple times of making sure the domain is correct and also the password and the machine key. I feel the problem is because

-I have created multiple tenants on both the demo and platform orchestrators to the same email address.
-I have connected my machine to one of them I dont know which one it was nor do I even know the login for all I have created.

Is there a way to delete all the tenants I have created?
Or a way to disconnect the machine or robot agent from orchestrator so it will accept one a new orchestrator url?

I have been through this thread but its not the same for me.

@Noel_Morris You can confirm the URL of the instance of Orchestrator your machine is connected to by opening the Robot settings window from the Robot tray icon.

Once confirmed, login to that instance of Orchestrator and check a Machine has been created that matches your machine name (can also be seen from the Robot settings window, opened from the tray icon). Check the machine key in Orchestrator matches the machine key in the Robot settings window. If not, copy the machine key from Orchestrator and paste it into the robot settings window.

Next, check a robot has been created for your machine name with the same Username and Password as your machine.

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