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A bit of background: We had 2 different license keys, one that expired at the start of May, one that expires in October. We accidentally installed the ones that expired in May and now, unsurprisingly, they’ve expired. UiPath sent over the keys we should have been using - I’ve now activated the licenses on the Orchestrator.

When opening Studio, I’ve added the Orchestrator URL and the Machine Key, however I get this error:

But on the Licenses page of the Orchestrator, it says this:

So it does have an available license… does anyone know what’s going on/what I’ve done wrong?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello @Short ,

Can you go to Admin->Licenses and check whether license is allocated. Also is it connected to any other machine?

You can watch the below video to get clarity on the licensing part.

Hi @Short
check whether you have sufficient licenses available to allocate to your tenant (navigate to Admin->Licenses)
if its available please provide the license to ur respective tenant


Hi :slight_smile:

Apologies for this really silly question, but where is Admin? I swear I’ve looked all over the Orchestrator page and can’t find it


which version of orch you are using , if so can u send us the screenshot just want to check whether its a new or old version?

Sorry, would’ve been helpful if you had that information

Hi @Short
top right Logo HW click on that where it navigates to home cloud page


This is the only thing that comes up when I click on the HW logo


Am I missing some level as access? When I’ve gone on Tenant → Users, it’s showing me as Admin

ok @Short
do u have license available if so can you delete the old machine and robot and recreate it one more time

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also could you check this part @Short

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Hi @nikhil.girish

This did the trick, thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile:

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No problem Buddy
Happy automation

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