About the orchestrator license issue


as you can see three licenses now,

but only two are active, so I want to activate the other one and use it.

can you guys what the problem is?

We can see that for kth\20170021 you are using 2 unattended runtimes. Double-check which machines are connected to Orchestrator using the same machine key and disconnect the robot that should not consume the license so the kevin.lee - A-20170021 can use it.

Or create a machine mapping so only some specific robots can use it.

Thanks a lot!

Hello @marian.platonov

can I ask one more thing? I’ve checked the machine key what you said

there are A-20170021-A and A-20170021-B different types of machine keys.

but I don’t exactly know why kth\20170021 is not available.

but then again UR is unattanded robot ,SR is studio Robot.

Thank you in advance.