There was an error writing to the pipe: Unrecognized error 232 (0xe8)

When large file being processed using launch interactive activity, I’m getting below mentioned error from UiPath.
There was an error writing to the pipe: Unrecognized error 232 (0xe8)

Could you please help to solve this problem. File contains 40 columns and 500 rows.

can someone please help me to resolve this error in uipath ?

what kind of invoke is it? Is it isolated? If yes, there is a limit, WCF maximum default message size (65536), and the channel communication between executor and service may fail with that error.

Dear, thank you for your reply. Could you please add example here ?

As a workaround: Increase the maximum message size. In UiRobot.exe.config create a new binding configuration for ExecutorService endpoint. E.g.: ’ <binding name=“ExecutorServiceBinding” maxReceivedMessageSize=“2147483647” receiveTimeout=“00:10:00” sendTimeout=“00:10:00” / > ’

Thank you. I’ll try this and will update you.


I am facing issues with parsing a large XML string in my code, and the bot is failing even if I use split string to process the string further.

Will this solution work for the case? If not, do you have another work-around for the same?


Is there any other work around for the same?

Make sure the isolate button is unchecked.

I unchecked it and never saw this error so i guess the Bot is not liking the fact that my invoked workflow is being isolated…