"The Specified Computer Vision Server Could Not Be Reached" Error When Using CV Scope

How do we troubleshoot "The specified computer vision server could not be reached" error when using CV Scope?

The given "The specified computer vision server could not be reached" error appears when the computer vision server the computer vision activity is trying to integrate with, is not reachable.

The first thing to validate would be the URL which is specified in the "CV Screen Scope" activity. The URL will have to be filled with the intended computer vision server. If there is an on-premise computer vision server installed, the on-premise server's URL will have to be populated here. If the same is left blank, it would reach out to the "cv.uipath.com" endpoint by default.

If it is intended to use the "cv.uipath.com" endpoint, the same can be filled in or left blank (since the same is the default value). If the error comes up when intending to use the "cv.uipath.com" endpoint, the following items can be validated:

  1. Is the "cv.uipath.com" endpoint reachable from the given Studio / Robot machine
In order to test this, the "cv.uipath.com" URL can be browsed in the browser of the respective Studio/Robot machine and it should give an "OK" message. If no such message is presented, it could mean the server is not reachable and the respective infrastructure team handling the environment will have to assist in making this endpoint reachable from the network. The following checks should be performed:
  • Check to see what URL the client is using inside the Screen Scope activity

When using from the machine it should be: http://[MACHINE_URL]:[PORT]
When using from the external machine: http://[DNS_ADDRESS]:[PORT]

  • Make sure the Client machine has access to the server using the telnet command
  • Check to see if the certificates were installed correctly. IIS should be deployed on the machine
Refer official documentation Windows CV Server .
  1. Configuration of an existing proxy: If the above URL is reachable and presents an "OK" message on the browser, however, the CV Screen scope still throws an error, an existing proxy on the browser might explain why the same is reachable on the browser and not on the Studio/Robot level. The proxy will have to be configured with UiPath, as recommended in Redirecting Robots Through A Proxy Server to see if the same sorts out the issue.