The Specified Computer Vision server could not be reached [523]


We are facing some issues regarding CV and CV server.
We have our robot installed in one VM and a on-prem CV server installed in another, but in the same domain.(Our orchestrator is on-prem as well, thats why we got the CV server)
CV server was configured based on -

We get the CV Server URL and try to put in on the properties panel of the CV screen scope however we get the error message:

What have we tried so far:
-Firewall and anti-virus are off in both CV server machine and robot machine,
-Create and Export SSL certificate (Create and Export SSL Certificate From CV Server To Robot Server)
-We checked if both machines are able to comunicate by typing the CV server url in the browser of the robot machine (The specified computer vision server could not be reached[523] CV on-premises)
According to this last url, if we get the image above, it means both machines are able to comunicate.

Any other suggestions we might try please ?


Hi @fabio.r.mendes

This issue might be better handled by our technical support: