The specified computer vision server could not be reached. [523] error

I am using the Computer vision, CV Screen scope activity.
I have an API Key and using the default URL as “”.
While using indicate on the screen, I am getting server could not be reached error.
I am not sure which URL to use. Can you please help me to solve this issue?
Sorry for this post, as it was already posted, but I didn’t find any solution which solves my issue.

Hi @SurajK,
Welcome to the Community!
Here you have everything explained:

API key is available in your Cloud account on

Thank you Pablito,
I have already gone through the mentioned document and trying the same.
Can you please let me know the solution to solve the issue?

Can you show your CV attribute configuration? Just hide sensitive data :slight_smile:

Please find the details.

Tested on my side with the same configuration and all is working fine. I think there might be firewall blocking your connection with CV server.

Ok. I will check with firewall configuration.
Thank you very much Pablito for information and your instant support.

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Hello Pablito, Yes, Its firewall blocking. It is working now.
Thank you for rigid support.

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