The Robots Already Have Pending Jobs For This Process

While running triggers from Orchestrator, an error : "The Robots already have pending jobs for this process" is obtained. Error fix is as below.

Issue Description: While running the jobs via triggers from Orchestrator, getting an error "The Robots already have pending jobs for this process" and the jobs are not even queued.

Requirements: Need to have a possibility to run the same process which takes different arguments for each job, but they will not be queued for more than 1 job.

Root Cause: When working with trigger, a robot can the maximum one job running and one job in pending status for the same process and Orchestrator do not differentiate processes based on their argument values regardless of the Schedule names are same or not, since the process is still same.

Resolution: Since this is expected behavior, ensure that jobs are pushed in such a time interval that they do not coincide with each other, so that there can only be one job in Pending status and other one is pushed to the queue, once the first job is over.

Alternatively, if the above approach is not possible then ensure that the same process with different arguments is published with different names[multiple times], such as :

  • Process1_Arg1
  • Process2_Arg2 and so on.

Thus while creating different triggers use these processes individually and they would be treated as different processes [even though they are same automation], since the process name is not same.

Read more on the Queued Job Scenarios under Triggers.

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