Could not create jobs. The robots already have pending jobs for this Process (#1670)

Hello everyone!
Am running a process via schedule (daily).
it throwing this error on orchestrator 2020.10.
I trigger job manually and the process is running ok.

could not create jobs. The robots already have pending jobs for this Process (#1670)

Have several jobs as faulted in the logs. The user/bot connected to this process is licensed. A`ny idea?


If you have pending job that’s normal. We have the same situation.
Use can use dynamic allocation instead of specific robot. For specific robot you may have only one pending job and one running.

how to clear the pending or faulted jobs?

in jobs log dont have any jobs with status pending

Even with allocate dynamic , getting the same error.

I have the same issue as you - is there a solution?

Hello, Same issue here, any solution so far ?

I turned off the notification in orchestrator for triggers

Hello @nniks_n,

I have the same issue. Did you manage to solve it ? If yes, could you please share…

Thanx !



this scenario happens when multiple jobs for same process are pending and you trigger a new one again for that same process. For such processes, ideally you should use Queue as per best practices.

Although, In the process trigger you can see the maximum number of pending jobs, that must be increased if you want to have that scenario handled.

More about triggers:

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Any solution? I have same situation, scheduled multiple triggers, for same process, but with different input arguments values and different queues. And some triggers never start, and never get pending state. I have an idea of creating different processes with same package and try to schedule it then, does this makes sense?

Hi, late for the party but maybe this helps someone someday.

Not completely the case, but for similar problem: If you need to run the same process multiple times with different input arguments, you should add the process multiple time and then create a trigger for each. Processes should be named accordingly so they can be separated from each other when creating the triggers.

E.g. I have a process that creates a customer report and I want to run it every day at 16:00 for several different customers:

  1. Go to Processes > Add process
  2. Select the process package (e.g. report-creator)
  3. Determine input arguments (e.g. customer number)
  4. Set descriptive Display name (e.g. report-creator Customer1)
  5. Create trigger for the report-creator Customer1 process, set trigger to be run every day at 16:00, set input arguments or derive them from process.

Repeat steps with Customer2, Customer3 etc…

By doing this, at 16:00 all the processes will start and patiently wait for their turn.