Make more than API call to run process in orchestrator

i try to run job from orchestrator by using API call when i post call it run successfully ,but i have more than call Consecutive one job is run an other in pending state when i try to send the third i got this error

status 409Conflict

“message”: “The robots already have pending jobs for this Process”,

"errorCode": 1670,

"resourceIds": null

Any one know how to face this problem?

Are your jobs unique or always the same?

In general, a single robot can only have 1 process running and another one pending. You cannot have more than one pending job.

There are two solutions:

Use queues. Instead of starting the job via API, add a new queue item via API and let the queue trigger the job.

You can also use dynamic allocation of robots to have more than one pending job but this is not ideal and not recommended.

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@T0Bi i add the call to queue and trigger the queue but by defult the orchestrator check for every new item in queue every 30- mints and i need to run every job one by one un stoppable

When you configure your queue to trigger a job on a new queue item it should start instantly.

Where do the 30mins come from?

the job start instantly but when the job is run and another item come to queue then orchestrator take 30 min to look for queue if new item add or not
i hope you got what i mean

I’ll actually have to check this out. I’ve never noticed this behavior…
Are you using community or enterprise Orchestrator and if enterprise, cloud or on-prem?

I’ll get back to you on monday, but maybe someone else has a solution for you.

i use community edition