Trigger multiple Jobs for same Process

Wondering why we do not have the ability to create Multiple Triggers on the Same Process, but with different Parameters that Allocate Robot(s) Dynamically to actually schedule the Jobs without assigning the Robots until one is available…?
I have created an Environment with 2 Robots in it. When I create the Triggers (10 of them), I use or select the Process with the associated Environment (2 Robots), but it then only creates 3 Jobs and then get the error message that Robot already has Pending Job assigned ad therefore cannot create or schedule any further Jobs…?
This does not seem right or is a bad limitation. I believe that if I had 10 Robots in the Environment and 5 are already assigned and busy, then it would create all 10 Jobs, but 5 of then would be “unassigned” (no Robot), so why would it not do the same in my scenario? Why is it limiting the number of jobs that can be scheduled and put into a “Pending” status…?
This needs to be enhanced.

Why do you want to assign the same job to the same robot multiple times? I don’t see the benefit

As noted, the Process/Job takes in a Parameter, so that each run or instance of the Job is processing different sets of data. Example: if takes a CustomerID, so it pulls (SQL) a DataTable filtered by CustomerID, so want each instance to be unique by Customer, hope that makes more sense.

Hi Scott,

Based on your description, Queues seem a better fit for your need. Queues have been created for such cases and using Jobs for these scenarios is not a good fit.


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