The operation has timed out in send outlook message

When sending a mail from outlook with attachment I got an error ‘The operation has timed out’. what was the reason behind it?
Error log is

10:54:40.9836 Error {“message”:“Invoke SendExceptionMail workflow file: Send Outlook Mail Message : The operation has timed out.”,“level”:“Error”,“logType”:“Default”,“timeStamp”:“2018-11-03T10:54:40.9836299-05:00”,“fingerprint”:“ef163d5f-b076-4a5c-995f-3f884f6af652”,“windowsIdentity”:“FHM\ClaySys”,“machineName”:“RPA01”,“processName”:“TEST.RPA”,“processVersion”:“1.0.6872.21951”,“fileName”:“Main”,“jobId”:“180bb218-4b26-4de7-b59f-adcfc9d30e0c”,“robotName”:“FHM\CLAYSYS”}

I received this yesterday too, I reran and was told that the files I was trying to attach were too big, could this be the case with you?

In my case, I try to attach a screen shot. It’s a small size file.

Are you able to send without the screenshot attached?

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Yes. But this issue comes only one time.

If you create a small test sequence using this component, does the email send? This can help tell if there’s an issue with the component or the server. I ask this because for a while mine was able to email just fine when in a separate component (showing the code and server worked) but when combined in the process it wouldn’t, so it helped me find out where things were not working.

In my case I tried creating a separate component for sending mail, but facing the same issue :
Send Outlook Mail Message : The operation has timed out.
I am not attaching any files to the activity, but Just trying to send the mail.

I am also facing the same issue…
When I got this error the bot has been terminated with the error message "Send Outlook mail message :The Operation has time out. "
Some times I am getting the mail but the error is not fixed.
Some one please assist here, if you already got fixed the same.

I am also facing same issue. I am trying to send a simple mail with send outlook mail message activity.

What is the root cause of this issue.

Hi I am also getting same error. Is there any solution for same.

You need to enable Third option below :


hi @ChitraPal
Its disabled in outlook, do you know how to enable it.

Please refer this link:

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Go to property of Send Outlook Mail Message activity and give “TimeoutMS” value more than a lakh and try, It will work.
For Example:
TimeoutMS: 200000


Thank you all for the solution.
Link was disable due to admin right. After getting admin right I have solved this issue.

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this solution worked

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Does not work

Thanks man I changed the time and now the mail is working

Hi @Linto,

Try to open Outlook and UiPath Studio as Run as administrator mode. It works for me.