The operation has timed out error

I have just downloaded UiPath Studio and am trying to sign in but I keep getting an error saying ‘The operation has timed out’. I have tried multiple devices but it doesn’t work with any of them. Please help.


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Did you create account in Community Cloud Orchestrator ?

Thanks lakshman. Yes I created an account before downloading Studio


Is UiPath Assistant connected with Orchestrator ?

Hi ,

Please check if UiPath assistant is connected and licensed (to the Orchestrator).
After this, Try opening the UiPath studio.


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This issue occurs when a Robot which is not locally licensed runs a workflow for the second time, but with the connection to Orchestrator lost for more than 30 minutes.

Delete the robot and Try reconnecting the robot as per this doc

Try choosing unattended bot type while creating robot

Cheers @aakanjain

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