The Jobs pending

My account is created at 26/02.
The Robot and Machine are created and successful.
However, I would to try the scheduled job by triggers

the job status is pending.

Please help to advise how to fix.

Thank you.

Supplement information
I found that I need to disconnect and connect again on Orchestrator Settings.
The Source show “Assistant” on My Folder > Automations > Jobs.

Please help to advise how to solve the problems.

Thank you.

Hi @16f39f0ed27fd73d9228fa403,
Welcome to the Community!
What is the status of you robot? Can you show me the robot on Orchestrator and it’s Assistant configuration?

Edit: You’ve opened 3 separate topics for exact same issue. Please don’t do it. Making more topic does not make it solve faster.

Hi Pablito,

Thank you for your reply.
the robot status is Available on Orchestrator

and the Assistant configuration,

Connection looks fine. Please check if you have the right amount of license available for your template.

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