When the job is triggered from Orchestrator it is Pending

When the Jobs are started from the Orchestrator it is showing as Pending.
Where as when started from Assistant it is successful.
Please let me know how to run successfuly from orchestrator itself

Are you on the enterprise edition or community edition?

Jobs started from Orchestrator could be in pending status when a robot is unavailable or busy.

enterprise trial version.
Not running any other job? will the bot still be busy?

Hi @Anandhavalli_A

Can you remote desktop into the Unattended machine using the credential (username and password) that the robot would use?
If you can log into the Unattended machine then check if the robot assistant on the unattended machine has a green tick on the top right hand corner? This will show that the robot is licensed.

If you can’t log into the machine check the credentials that are stored in Orchestrator.
If you can log in but the green tick in robot assistant is red then check that a unattended license is assigned to the machine template

Let us know how you get on?

I am not using any remote desktop. Both the cases I am running the automation in the system itself

There might a chance you haven’t assigned or robot is not connected to the orchestrator.

Also check you have used correct user name and password.

I am having the exact same issue, and my robot license is applied, and when reviewing machine settings it shows as connected in the session