Jobs stuck at pending allocation at orchestrator


I have a scheduled process, but it is not running. It is showing pending allocation.
How to fix this.
Pls find ss for reference

Hi @Riya_Bansal

Pending allocation should mean that Orchestrator is trying to allocate the job you created to a robot, however there are no available robots.

Can you make sure that your robot is assigned to the folder you are using right now?
Also, can you please make sure that machine with your robots is running and robot is connected to the Orchestrator?

Hi @GT_Ropa

Robot is available.
Robot is also assigned to shared folder

Is the machine template you are using assigned to the folder as well?

Did you maybe try to run this particular job with wrong robot?


checked these as well these are also correct

Check if you have an old stucked job by changing default filter in Jobs panel:

In that case you will need to kill it first

Hope it helps!

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As per orchestrator your robot machine is not available. It means there might be a chance you are misspelled user name or domain name.
Also check folder level access to bot user id

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