Orchestrator Error white reading the Queue items

hi All,

Working on work queue , I have successfully added data to the queue with the specified collection which will be read from a Excel, when trying to extract the data from the Queue getting the error as “The given key was not present is the dictionary”.


Any suggestion will be helpful.
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You check a similar thread:

Already gone through that link, i am able to get the Key value but not the data from the Queue

Hi @harsha8687

Did you get the solution for this?

I am also getting the same issue now

Can you please help me, if you have the answer?

Thanks in Advance

hi @Narmatha7296,

As per my knowledge there might be some missing items at the time of adding queue items and the same at the Retrieving end of data from the queue.
The error message itself tells that the item we are searching in not on the Queue Item.
Try and check all the input in the Add queue Item and at the other end of reading of data.

The trick is to look for the Key with Double Quotes instead of only look for the Key as a sting eg.-> if your key for the specific content in the Ochestrator is defined as -->SAP<-- you will have to look for the key -->“SAP”<-- in the Specific Items (Dictionary) of the queue items. This is different form the transaction item, where you can access the Specific Item Value by Key without the Double Quotes.