RE-FrameWork Config File Issue


I am currently working on a project using the template re-framework, the issue here is whenever i change/update the config file , i am not able to read the dictionary values.

For example, in settings sheet, there are two columns.


I am able to read the keys cloumn where as i am not able to read the proper value from values column.

Example: i have a key called “Email” and i have value called “my email id”.

the out put for value column what i am getting is “=”.

It would be good if any one helped us to get this resolved.


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@kumar12 Will you be able to share a screenshot of your Config file?

R u getting only for that specific key ‘Email’ or for the entire settings sheet.

Attached screen shot for your reference , i am able to read first Name value (i.e EmailAccount and the value is “anil”).

While reading the second Name, its reading only Name but returning value as “=”

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except EmailAccount, i am getting the same ‘=’ value for all Names.

Only for the Name “EmailAccount” i am getting the correct value (i.e. anil)

Do one thing just change the values for other names except email account , then try it once, don’t keep same value for all. Just try this once. Plz let me know whether it works or not

Hi @kumar12

I have created workflow based on your requirement go through that workflow it will help you.
If you want to see the value based on the key by run GetEmail.xaml file. (19.6 KB)

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In addition to the above reply make sure that the changes are made in config file and the same should be updated in the workflow.

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