Hi Getting Error

Hi Getting error while reading data from excel in ReFrameWork.

Can anyone help me please

The Config variable is not set. This is usually set to New Dictionary (Of String, Object). Put that in the default section for Config.

This is my Config File where I took my Excel Input path.
My Excel input file name is InputFile.

May I know ,

Where I need to change here

Thank u

Nothing needs to be changed within the Config file. Your screenshot has a place to put default values. Set the default value for Config to New Dictionary (Of String, Object).

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Hi Anthony,

I change Config Default value but across this error.

Thank u.

This one’s trickier to debug. It means that you have a variable or reference to the Config dictionary such that the name is not listed in your Config file. To correct this, review each use of the Config dictionary at this point in the code, and make sure the Config file contains the name referenced in the code.

Hi Anthony,
Will look at it. Thank u so much.