'System error on initialization: The specified key does not exist in the dictionary.'

Hello. I have a question as I keep getting errors while using the RE framework.
An error occurs in the init part, and an error message appears in the part that reads the Config file as shown below.
‘System error on initialization: The specified key does not exist in the dictionary.’

But when I quit the above error and run the process again, the above part works fine.

The first run gives the same error as above, but from the second run it works without any problem.

(There is no source to show.)
What should I do?

Hi @dlqhqo98,

As I remember the part which reads the config.xlsx does not trim strings when looking up for them. So it’s important to ensure there are no unwanted spaces in your key.

It is very easy in excel to forget a white space before or after your key. I suggest you first check that all keys are free of spaces in the end.

The behaviour of first run fails and second run works is quite an interesting observation. Ideally, the error should persist and not depend on the number of runs.

Is there anything different when you run the state machine the second time ?

Thank you for your reply.
The space in the configuration has already been verified.
There is no difference between the first run and the second run.
If i got an error after the first run, click Run Again. .