The Evolution of UiPath Marketplace

Hi UiPath Community,

As most of you may already know, we’ve decided to sunset and focus our efforts on building more robust enterprise capabilities for UiPath Marketplace. Today we are thrilled to share with you what we’ve been up to in this endeavor.

Meet the latest Marketplace updates:

  • :herb: New, fresh look and feel – now UiPath Marketplace is much more attractive and easier to navigate.

    Trendy layout, intelligent search capabilities, bundles with recommended RPA content, one-click access to native UiPath integrations, and many more – check out Marketplace home page, interact with it, and let us know your thoughts.

  • :gear: Marketplace Security Certification – provides better, more secure content for Marketplace users.

    All Marketplace listings undergo a rigorous certification process to ensure they are high-quality, secure, and legally compliant. We’ve introduced three certification badges – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – indicating the level of certification each listing has achieved.
    You can figure out what checks the listing has passed by hovering over the badge. For example, the Bronze badge is assigned to the listings that passed content review, security testing, and functionality testing.

    For more information on the Certification process, check this article.

  • :handshake: Publishers nurturing program – offers guidance from the Marketplace team on creating high-quality, in-demand content for Marketplace.

    Consuming reusable RPA content available on UiPath Marketplace is great. But what about those who feel some producer potential and don’t know where to start? Or those who have already contributed the listing to the Marketplace and want to improve its usability? For such individuals we have created helpful how-to materials with recommendations on creating content consumers will be interested in. Get off to a good start here.

A couple of links you might find useful:

P.S. This is just the beginning of the new Marketplace story. Stay tuned for more improvements in the following months!

Your Marketplace Team


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