What's new on UiPath Marketplace in 21.4

What’s new on UiPath Marketplace in 21.4

Hello UiPath Community,

One of the biggest UiPath releases – 21.4 – is here and we’ve made a variety of enhancements to UiPath Marketplace that we’d like to share with you. Below you can get a glimpse of hero features and functionalities added to the Marketplace between the 20.10 and 21.4 release.

Robust, enterprise-grade Marketplace is live at marketplace.uipath.com

We hope all of you have had a chance to play with our upgraded Marketplace and its new capabilities. Not yet? Don’t miss the opportunity to do it at marketplace.uipath.com!

A few months ago, we’ve started a new chapter in the Marketplace history – now Marketplace is a trusted channel that offers production-ready RPA content. As part of this, we’ve introduced a new design, improved the navigation and usability, and launched Marketplace programs through which we validate the content quality and security. You can check more about these updates here.

Marketplace categories revamp

This feature allows you to quickly access all the listings that work with the product you use for your automation purposes. For instance, you can pick Studio as a product, and Marketplace will automatically display the listing categories and the content that are compatible with Studio, i.e., custom activities, connectors, templates, solutions. etc. In turn, if you opt for AI Center, the listing category available to you will be ML models. You can read more about the new listing types here.


Enhanced filtering and sorting capabilities

Get the content you need for automation faster by applying powerful Marketplace filters. Marketplace allows you to filter by provider, support, listing type and also by certification level. Besides, with the 21.4 update, you can easily sort the content according to different criteria: recommended, most downloaded, trending listings, etc. This way you can optimize the time you spend on searching the necessary component for your automation and get exactly what you are looking for.


New listing upload form

21.4 brings a new upload form to the table. We broke down the upload process into separate steps in order to simplify the submission flow. This will significantly improve your publisher experience by offering a more structured way to submit your RPA listing. For a detailed description of the new upload form, please check out this article.

Similar listings

We all know that feeling when you’re searching for something, and the results page doesn’t show exactly what you’re looking for. This is the reason why we introduced similar listings feature to improve the content discoverability across the Marketplace. A special algorithm goes through the key listing details such as listing title, summary, overview, etc. and suggests alternative listings in the same scope so that you can find the most suitable listing for your needs.

We’re excited about these updates and can’t wait for you to try them out. See you at marketplace.uipath.com :blush:

Warm Regards,
UiPath Marketplace Team


That looks cool :slight_smile:

Curious to know when can we expect Monetization program rolling out ?

Hello @Sophia_Zhylych
I can’t see these two new ML models on AI fabric server (Pneumonia Diagnosis & Skew Corrector).
From where can I access them ?

Hi Nithin,
Thanks for the feedback, glad you like the updates :slight_smile:
Marketplace monetization is targeted for 21.10 release.


Hi @Sophia_Zhylych ,

Already I have uploaded a new version of the package in the new environment. It is so nice. Now it is in step by step process. Advance wishes for Monetization and the team. Already I heard that it will be very soon.


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Cheers :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback, Balamurgan! We’re glad you enjoyed the new experience! :slight_smile:

Hi Raheel,

That’s a good catch! After this post was written, we’ve had a review of the Marketplace content as a result of which ML Models category on the Marketplace contains only models that can be imported and used with AI Center. Pneumonia Diagnosis & Skew Corrector are built based on ML models, but those are not models for AI Center which is why they have been transferred to the Solutions category for UiPath Studio.

Sorry for the confusion and hope it helps!

Hello @Sophia_Zhylych, yup Understood.

So, Do I need to request for these ? and what’s the Solutions category ?

Thank you,
Raheel Feroze