Do not support SELECT ITEM Activity






I wanna select a month for the date in dropdown list.
The target is the previous month. So, I used Assign activity and value is v_month
And I used generally Select item activity with v_month value.
But there was an error (Not all items are supported)
How can i solve this problem??

use set text activity pass the text /variable what you want to select

Try Find children activity
or use set focus then use select item

Hope it helps

Hi @dkngit55

Use Click activity and pass that variable in selectors

Try to use dynamic selectors
or click text activity

It’s didn’t change data. be fixed in place.

nonono, In the first placeselect, Element option is not work in Select Item activity

Try find children activity


When use Click activity, didn’t type v_month values, no Row input position… in Selector


Please open Uiexplorer and send screenshot of it

Pass only month value as the input.
Hope this works

How use that? sample please URL

open it uiexplorer

Cannot input, it just is fixed, just select only

Pass the input to selector in aa name or inner text


generated error

Which ? for each …

first one for each


didn’t understand, i’ll give up