The best operating system to install an Unattended Robot

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I have a question regarding the OS installation. Should I use Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016?
I’m not sure when I should use Windows 10 or Windows Server, since the development will be done using Windows 10.

It is not clear in the

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I recommend Windows Server, since it is built to be a server. You’re less likely to get popup boxes that interrupt the process if you use a server-based machine, since it is assumed that there will not be a user attending the machine most of the time. Either are configurable, but my opinion is that it will be easier to configure Windows Server.

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Thanks Anthony, and do you think I can have issues if I develop the RPA process using Windows 10 and then run it on Windows Server?

Most of my automation will be SAP GUI, Browser (Chrome and Internet Explorer), Office (Excel) part

Most likely you won’t have any issues. If anything, you may end up coding for less fringe cases starting from Windows 10. I can also speak from experience that I have developed code on Windows 10 and deployed to a Windows Server machine successfully without having to change the code for the new machine.

No major issues but keep in mind there will be some minor differences when using core applications like Internet Explorer, Security warnings come to mind with a slight different structure from Consumer Windows.

Another example would be to consider is if you want to disable IE Enhanced Security and other policies that might be default from what you would have on a non-server edition.

We develop on Windows 10 a few different builds and deploy to Windows Server 2016. We’ve also noticed differences with Office Desktop suite as the update channel was different on Server then what was being applied by GPOs to the Windows 10 desktops.

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