Unattended bots with windows OS migration

I have a query
Currently all of our unattended production bots are in windows server ,one application software inside the server has a upgradation which is not working in server platform as expected .So as per the IT team advise the higher version of that software onlly works with windows os . So now my question is can we migrate our windows server to windows os and use that as production unattended bot ?


Do you mean “Windows OS” is Windows10 or 11?
Unattended robot also works in Windoss10 or 11


If you currently use High-DensityRrobots, it’s necessary to use multiple client OS (Windows10etc) because High-DensityRrobots works in only WindowsServer etc.



Hi Yochi ,

Thanks for your reply .It’s actually windows 10
Our all of the bots were developed in dev environment with windows 10 , then promoted into production environment which is having server OS. All the bots have been running smoothly for the past one and half year.
Now , suddenly due to some compatibility issue with upgraded dexma applciation which will only work with windows 10 as told by IT team . We are planning to migrate the server os into windows OS whichever bots are having dexma application
So , if we migrate those bots server os into windows 10 , Do we need to be cautious on any thing and what are the processes involved as part of this migration?


That migration or change of OS should not effect in any way…

the only thing is to check the High density as mentioned above…after change HD would not support if you are using it already


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In most case, it will also work in windows10 except incompatible features of OS : IE is still supported in WindowsServer2016/2019 but we cannot use it in Windows10, for example.


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