Deploying process developed on Win 10 to Win server 2008 R2

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I am going to automate process which contains some RDC steps. Currently my Operating system is win 10, and would deploy developed solution on machine with Win server 2008 R2 OS. I have few questions on this as listed below:

1.Would it produce any issue with selector of application objects?
2.To perform RDC steps, I will use image activities. Will it work as expected when we run process from win server machine?
3.Current robot version is 2019.4, is it recommended to use Win Server 2008 R2 OS to deploy Robot on production?

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Hi @SagarSB,

  1. If Applications used and it’s configurations are same as in development environment, robots will run without any error in prod envrnmnt.
  2. When you are using unattended robots in windows server, robot starts its own session by logging in to server. So you need not to take RDP.
  3. The extended support for UiPath 2019.4 version is ended on 30 June 2020, so it is better to work in latest version robots.

Hi @poorna_nayak07

Thanks for quick response…
My questions were different. I was asking will it produce any issue with application selector as i am developing solution on win 10 and in prod environment application will be running on win server 2008.
I have to take RDC of another machine as it is a part of process, need to perform some steps on another machine through robot.
third question was related to compatibility of robot 2019.4 to run process on win 2008.

hope now it is clear to you…

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I don’t think this will produce the error

Yes it is compatible. Please refer the below attached UiPath Documentation for further details on compatibility.