Unattended Robot Infrastructure

Hello all,

I would be interested to hear about the infrastructure set up that other RPA CoE’s are using for their unattended robots.

Currently, what we are doing for our unattended robots is setting up a server with Windows Server 2012 installed on it, and running 2 robots concurrently on this server using high density robots.

This is getting a little expensive (as our server are managed by a third party so we have to think about maintenance costs etc.)

So I was wondering what the infrastructure set up for unattended robots looks like where you work? The unattended robots run processes all day so we would need round the clock access to these ‘unattended machines’

Do we even necessarily need ‘Servers’ our could the unattended robots be installed on VM’s with Windows 10 installed rather than Windows Server 2012, and is there an associated cost benefit of using VM’s as opposed to ‘Servers’. I guess it’s a balance between cost and ease of use/access, but would be keen on hearing about different possible infrastructure set ups for our ‘team’ of unattended robots

Many thanks in advance.


Robots can be installed either in Cloud / on-premises VM’s and minimum requirement is Windows 7 or higher. Windows 10 is good for robots, also recommend to maintain good amount of ram (4gb is recommended but maintaining atleast 8gb or higher is good)

but for Orchestrator installation you require Windows Server

refer below link

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