Use a Windows 10 Virtual PC as Unattended instead of a Windows Server?

Is a standard Windows Server preferred when setting up an Unattended server or could you just as well (or better?) use a Virtual PC/desktop with Windows 10 as “server”? A “desktop server” would be more similar to a normal users setup, but perhaps a Windows Server is better for use as an actual server.

yah that can be done. usually when deploying unattended bots it is preferred to go for virtual machines, like using servers (not desktop). so that the robots installed in those VDI Servers can be scheduld and managed from orchestrator while you can use your desktop server for development

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Hi Palaniyappan!

Thanks, but I’m not sure I understand your answer. I’m not referring to go virtual or not. The unattended robot environment will be virtual. My question is what Operating System we should choose - a Windows Server or a Windows 10 setup?

oh…sorry i misunderstood the query
but for your query, both would work, its upto us based on the availability

for more details on software requirements

Cheers @vincera

Hi Vincera.
Actually you can use in any OS. The recommended is that you use the same as the end user is using, so you can guarantee that what you developed in the local machine will work properly in your VM.

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The only big difference i see is in case you want to run multiple Robots using the same Server, then you would need to use a Windows Server environment, but i think like Artur, it would be better to have a “server” be the same as the environment you use to develop/test the processes.


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