The Academy videos does not work

Hi everyone, i was watching architech solution video when academy gives me an error. The error is following “hlsjs-lite: Network error”. I have tried to change the browers ( Chrome,Edge, Explorer and firefox) and neither work. Do you know how to solve this issue?

Thanks a lot

It is videoplayer error

and how could i solve it?

Clear the cache and try to watch again

My computer cache or the brower cache?

Browser cache.

Try this method watch in private window.

It continues failing…

I am also having the same issue. I have tried clearing browser cache, using multiple browsers, as well as incognito and private browsing. I tried something I found in another thread that let me access the video.

UI Academy NOT working - Using the link mentioned by nadim.warsi

I cannot say what this other URL does that the main academy website does not, but it seems there might be an intermittent issue on the main website.

OMG it works, this is Magic. Thanks a lot!!!

No worries :slight_smile:.

Academy portal has some issues i think

Hope it resolves soon

@Pablito : Please look into this


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Hi @ksrinu070184,
Thank for information. Yes the problem is since yesterday. More information here:

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Seems that problem should be solved now :slight_smile:
Thank you again for keeping informing us :hugs:

I am unable to play the videos, tried all.

Have you tired with different web browser?

Yes, Tried chrome, firefox and IE. Another flash video playing but not from Ui path. Cleared cache and cookies as well.

Any solution?

I’ve invited to the topic someone who could help.