Academy video not found

Hello everyone,
i’ve started the Foundation Training (Revamped) about a week ago but I’ve ran into an issue:
On Lesson 9 - Excel & Data Tables Part 2 - Data Process
I get hit by this error:
“hlsjs: Video file not found

Since you can’t skip any course (and I wouldn’t want to) can this be fixed? I thought about changing the video source to an older one using inspect element and just play that one but that would be kind of cheating.


This also happened to me when using Chrome.
I switched to using IE and the video plays. (it still wont play in Chrome) - perhaps some codec problem?
In general it appears IE is the safest bet when strange things happen

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Hi :slight_smile:
I had the same problem, and with Internet Explorer it didn’t work well either. I installed Firefox and that seems to work the best with the academy training.