Get the data of a txt file to excel file

Hi champs,

I am stuck at a point and need urgent help it would be very helpful if anyone can help.
I have a text file i want to get the data of text file into an excel file,
the columns which are empty need to be removed, for them i can remove them later but my primary concern is getting data from txt file to excel file . File is attached
exmpl.txt (9.7 KB)

From the file i want the data only starting column 1 onwards i.e. headers onwards

column1,column4,column9,column10,column11,colum13,column18,column20 are empty

output file as an example is attached result.xlsx (8.5 KB)

please someone help me i am badly stuck.
defining again i need data of the text file in the excel file for all the rows.
for any queries please ask

@Palaniyappan , @ppr , @arivu96 , and others also please help
Thanks in advance!!!

Have you used Data Table?

i have to get data from that text file perform proper formatting so i get appropriate data in excel… surely it will work with datatable but how. Thank for the reply

Have you used read excel and used output data table and given a perticular location ?

Can you elaborate more on the source from where the text file comes from?
is there any reason that these rows (e.g. 0.20 USD) are different positioned?

Just a quick starter help
Readin text file
Skip N rows on the start
Replace Tab and Spaces with a Pipe sign (|)

Unfortunately there are some rows which are falling out from the common structure. Maybe we can identify the cause for this structure inconsistencies.

thanks for the reply @ppr yes some rows are are not positioned beneath their column they have some extra spaces backward and forward but the file will be available in this format only and the data is to be moved to excel file,

OK, but IS a Chance to get this avoided by the source. It will be complex to have a Logic Handling all this unforseen.

In Projects WE so handle this in the Process e.g send Back some datarows to resolution