Data extraction from web search to excel

I have a automation where I need to take data from a excel sheet and input it into a search bar. Once that information is entered i will get back information. I then need to pull information from the search and add that into the excel sheet. Im using a get text activity to get the information needed, but not sure how to write the extracted data into the excel sheet . Once i get all the text information i need how do i write them into the excel sheet?

Add another column in your Excel for writing data which you will get in return from website or if you already have it, then okay.
So i am supposing you have two columns in your excel:

  1. Input
  2. Output

For each Row on your DataTable:
Type into on your Search bar: row.item(“Input”).toString
Then Use Get Text Activity: Give one variable, lets suppose:Temp
Take Assign: row.item(“Output”)=Temp -------> This is YOUR ANSWER.

In the End Write your data Again in excel sheet. Your output will be there.