Text File to Excel File



Hi @ddpadil @jibanjyoti @ovi

Basic thing i need to know for one page i need to convert PDF File to Excel File
used activity :
i)ReadPDF with OCr
ii) Google OCR
iii)write text file

correctly convert as text that text file i need to covert to Excel file
my work flow here : BasicOCR.xaml (11.2 KB)

Any one guide me !!



hi @RaviDevaraj

Use write cell and write the string variable in the activity

Ashwin S


I have [ 14Heading ] in header Part so i need to create 14 variables ?

For one i created see my xaml file below: BasicOCR.xaml (14.0 KB)

Throws an error use Excel Application Scope. if i use that first itself showing set the workbook path here I create a new file there

Throws an error : image


Hello ,
Use workbook activity instead of excel application scope and give a try .


Not at all Available that Activity !!
Need to install packages for this ? In my manage package UiPath.Excel,Workflow are installed


Search for read range there are two of them. Use one under workbook section .




Installed all the available package from package manager and restart the studio .


Hi @ddpadil

Thanks a Lot.

After that i put the read range activity in that workbook path i set,after that run the xaml file Completed
But in the excel file no data !!
Please find the workflow here : 2.BasicOCR.xaml (11.8 KB)

Note : I convert the my PDF file to Text and now i need to convert that text file in to Excel File
can you Please help me


Hi @ddpadil
Are you there

Are you look at my WF We any Possible to do in that ?
Response me


after build table you suppose to add the data from text file to data table using add data row activity.
Once Data Table is generated then use Write Range to export to excel.


please post your text file for better understanding


showing error message: sorry you are trying to upload a unauthorized document.

The original file my PDF File if i want to share means it’s too big size throws an error 13.7MB



Hi @ddpadil
I have done, but it throws an error !! image

please find the xaml File here : 3.BasicOCRExcel.xaml (12.6 KB)
Are you there @ddpadil @sara_s


Hi Team,
Are you there @ddpadil @sara_s
any easy way to solve this issues ?


Hi sorry for delay . Where is your text file ?


Hi @sara_s

it’s ok.

while i upload the text file throws an error
See the below screenshot !!!



Send me to saranpselvam@gmail.com


change this datatype from datetime to string and store your input date as string (use ToString() method)

there are two ways you can solve it:

  1. change this datatype from datetime to string else
  2. convert your input form string to datatime (Convert.ToDateTime(String)) and store in to datatable



is it working ?