Reading the data from pdf and writing to excel

Here i’m trying to extract the data from PDF and write the same data to excel sheet, I have tried doing that using Read PDF, Build age bu, For Each and write range but i’m unable to get the output.
can anyone one help me out with this!!!
Please find the attached PDF below.
Letter203112019_0001.pdf (27.2 KB)


I just put this on “get ocr text” Activitie, with “google OCR”, and for me that worked, i didn’t even try to touch selector and everthing for better optimization, up to you to adapte this for your work, like parse the result cause a simple spot can be convert in text. :slight_smile:

Here the main



Main.xaml (6.8 KB)

Hi @varma

did u try Export Pdf to Excel Activity


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hello @aarrivat
I retrived the data to the output, but here i have to write that data to the excel sheet.

use write range to write to excel

Hello @varma,

Here my solution for a proper result.

After parsing your data for only get string like “794005 2018/12/23 23:36 0 142”

You’ve got a big string, and you want an datatable for writing in excel Activities

You can split it in split activities (Download Workflow Manages activities) for getting an clean Data.

Used “Build Data Table” With one column (you can change latter for getting what you really want). That thing creat an Empty dataTable in output

Follow this activities by an “For Each”. in properties put the typeArgument in “String” and the Value with the Empty dataTable you created previously. And in body add “Add Data Row” activities.

In properties of “Add Data Row”, in ArrayRow write {item} and add the DataTable you created in DataTable .

At this point you can finaly used the “write range”

I’m sure you’ve get other few option but this way i explain works, and you can change few option for getting proper result. I hope that help.


you got this activity from?


If you are using lower version refer below post

Higher version you can get directly ExcelActivities 1.0.0 package in manage package

Hello, could you tell me where to find ExcelActivities package, i failed to find it with my community edition 2019.10.1 version