Shows an Empty excel file while execute the xaml file



Hi @sreekanth @ovi

Basic thing i need to know for one page i need to convert PDF File to Excel File
used activity :
i)Build Data table
ii)ReadPDF with OCr
iii) Google OCR
iv)write CSV

Executed successfully but in Excel file no data !!!
Any one guide me !!

Please find the my work Flow : BasicOCRExcel.xaml (13.0 KB)



Hi @RaviDevaraj,

You are seeing it empty because you are building a blank data table and you are writing it the CSV file without assigning the data table any values. Try to validate the data table has any rows or not before using it.


Hi @PD2
I have noticed that,In Build Data table i add a header part [column] it shows only that header part alone in my excel File ?
i cannot able retrieve the my PDF file values in the Excel file why what is the reason !!



You might want to try something like this: Converting pdf to excel

Main.xaml (4.6 KB)

In your approach, you have output from the Read PDF with OCR activity - ReadFile, which of string format; you might want to parse it into the column values you like to have and then assign it as column values to the data table. Then the data table will have values and you can write it to the CSV.


Hi @PD2

Basic thing i need to do for one page i need to convert PDF File to Excel File
used activity :
i)ReadPDF with OCr
ii) Google OCR
iii)write text file

correctly convert as text that text file i need to covert to Excel file
my work flow here : Main (1).xaml (5.9 KB)

in my work flow i convert the pdf file to text (Notepad) So now i want to Convert to text file to Excel File.
Can you guide me !!!



Hi @PD2
Are you there ?
Are you look at the xaml file we can able to do any changes to get the PDF File to Excel File Possible to do !!