Testing Issue

Hi Champions,
I am trying to build an automation testing project and execute it through orchestrator from test case but its getting stuck in “pending” state in UiPath testing.Please give your valuable suggestion to overcome this issue.

Hello @meezanmurshid

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You can watch the below videos to get a better understanding.


@meezanmurshid ,

Are you able to test from Studio?


Yes.From studio its running

Hi @meezanmurshid,

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Can you take a screenshot of the area you selected when you want to run the test robot in the Orchestrator > Jobs area?


Hi @meezanmurshid

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it looks like you do not have a robot available to execute your the test case.

Pls make sure that you have a robot of type Testing available, that is assigned to an environment, which is used for your Test Set.


Can you please explain the process to set testing robot in environment.

Did follow all the process but its not running from test manager or testing…stuck in pending


Please check this