Run test cases through Orchestrator always shows pending status

i am facing problem regarding test execution through orchestrator trial enterprise license.when i run test case in orchestrator always shows status as pending .The Bot is also connected to orchestrator then what is the reason?
Please suggest solution…

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What is the type of your robot?

Omkar P

Unattended robot

I am not sure but can you please try to change the bot type to test you have testing type also

ok…i have changed bot type to testing still status is pending.

Please find the useful link

Environment also need to be configured

@poojapandit950 check once is there any previous jobs that are not killed properly or stopped… first kill all job executions of that machine and see if any job is not killed properly if yes then try to kill it.

environment for test set is also configured as same as the robot.Now pending status is changing to failed and in studio pro verification shows passed for same test case but after publishing to orchestrator result is failed then what is the problem?

Test Execution section

To run your previously built Test Set, select the image button on your Test Set. This will immediately start the execution, and navigate over to the Test Execution section, where you can monitor the progress.
Test Cases queued have the state ‘Pending’, run Test Cases are either ‘Passed’ or ‘Failed’. During the execution you can anytime cancel Test Cases, or the entire Test Set.

We tried alot still Test case status is failed.can you arrange screen sharing session to resolve problem?

I hope he will help you regarding this issue @ThomasStocker

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