Test Manager - Azure DevOps Items, filter Items to Sync?

I’m planning to do Application testing, and potentially Sync items = requirements from Azure DevOps into Test Manager.

Looking at the Add-in it looks like I can sync Defects, Stories and Epics which is great! https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=uipath.tmh-connector

However, we use one single Azure DevOps Project for our full stack software. Defects are used for both Customer bugs; technical issues, unit test, load tests. This means we add some +50 Defects per Day.

I don’t want to all of my Defects to end up in Test Manager but I’d like to cherry-pick the Defects we consider to be added to our Regression Test Suite. Would it be possible to filtering Defects (or Epics, or Items) on some custom field and by that only bring some Defects into Test Manager?


How is the integration implemented?
If Test Manager is pulling Items from Azure DevOps, maybe we can limit the number Items returned via permissions, e.g only expose Items with a specific “Area” or some custom field value.

Adding on to the discussion; we encounter a similar problem whereas items are mixed in the same project.

A really nice feature would be to introduce queries enabling the selection of items.