Test Manager - Azure DevOps Items, filter Items to Sync?

I’m planning to do Application testing, and potentially Sync items = requirements from Azure DevOps into Test Manager.

Looking at the Add-in it looks like I can sync Defects, Stories and Epics which is great! https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=uipath.tmh-connector

However, we use one single Azure DevOps Project for our full stack software. Defects are used for both Customer bugs; technical issues, unit test, load tests. This means we add some +50 Defects per Day.

I don’t want to all of my Defects to end up in Test Manager but I’d like to cherry-pick the Defects we consider to be added to our Regression Test Suite. Would it be possible to filtering Defects (or Epics, or Items) on some custom field and by that only bring some Defects into Test Manager?


How is the integration implemented?
If Test Manager is pulling Items from Azure DevOps, maybe we can limit the number Items returned via permissions, e.g only expose Items with a specific “Area” or some custom field value.

Adding on to the discussion; we encounter a similar problem whereas items are mixed in the same project.

A really nice feature would be to introduce queries enabling the selection of items.


Thanks for using the Azure DevOps integration! The object synchronization is intended to be used for requirements (user stories, epics, …). At the moment it is possible to select any issue type to be synchronized to Test Manager but in Test Manager they will show up as requirements. So, using defects as test requirements for testing is something which is not intended. It is more recommended to create an object of different type (i.e. a task) in Azure DevOps which might contain a link to the defect. You could then select this object type for synchronization. This let’s you decide which defects have corresponding requirements in Test Manager.
Kind regards,
Gernot Brandl

Thank Gernot,

That makes sense. But the same issue goes for Epics and Stories as well.

Too big?
This is for an enterprise software (~15 years) that stems from a monolith code base and hence; one big project (was TFS, nowadays converted to Azure DevOps)

We simply got too many Items bring them all into Test Manager. At this point my guesstimate is ~1500 Stories and Epics in our active backlog (”Planned”) and some 100 with statuses that belongs to the actual Dev cycle. Plus another +4000 Epics and Stories in status “Done” or “Deleted”

The different Dev teams (corresponding to the software modules) all share the same DevOps project. we have used the “Area” feature to divide their work. This would be my prefered level of filtering for Test Manager.

My best option right now, and how Test Mgr is designed to work, would be to start a separate project for one of the software module and start fresh. That would require us to break up the code base and to get away from the monolith. This is something we are actively working on, but the Ux part of the software is not really at the frontline of this journey and then we are back at my original question, how can I filter items?

For now I think we will leave DevOps and requirements out of Test Manager.

Thanks for listening though!

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