UI Element no longer valid ( web search)

Dear Community,

I would like to ask how can we fix the error as below whereby i want to use the hotkey to click the information in the browser information.

My selector will be as below:

Many thanks for your helps

Hi @SH_94

You need to click “Open UI Explorer” and change the selector editor value to sometime like

where foldername is the folder you selected

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Dear@ GreenTea,

I have changed the selector accordingly and it show the error as below:

Is there any part that i had did wrong?

Thank you

For the Open Browser - Go to its selector and click on validate , if its green we are good …

If not we have an option to repair the selector - Click on repair , point it to the window again .

For the send hotkey - Try not using any selector in it

Dear @mukeshkala ,

From the open browser, there is no selector available as per screenshot below:Could you show me the screenshot on how to do it?

Many thanks in advance for the help.

Hi @SH_94

Change foldername to the real folder name of your google drive that is beside the folder icon.

Dear @GreenTea ,

If i have multiple folder , will it limit only the folder that i key in in the selector activities?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @SH_94

You have to replace the foldername static string value to a variable, for example,