Test Automation ( QTP Selenium ) vs RPA tool - UI Path

Hi Team

I have been working with test automation tools like QTP, Test Complete and Selenium from around 8 years .

I recently got introducted to Procress automation tool from last 4 months and certified UI Path developer now.

I just need to take expert advice that

“Can we use UI path for Test Automation ?”

The issue is that for Test automation tool we have various framewoks avaialble , Independent object repository and functional library to support framewok and things like these are loosly bounded but when we use Ui path as test automation tool
Operation on element , activity , locator of an element is tighly coupled with each other so we can’t keep invoking workflow for small small things like we can do in other test automation framework with tools like QTP and Test complete.

Can you please guide if you suggest RPA tools for Automation Testing ?


100% you can use UiPath as Test Automation Tool. It’s all depends on how you design in intelligent way.
There are several activities which are available with out/with coding capabilities. Example for Split() in VB there is a function. here we have Split activity. similarly many ways to reach same process what you are following in QTP/UFT.

For QTP/UFT you have to spend more on code logic… here you just design and any team member who does not have much coding knowledge person can follow the activity flow and can create depends on your robust designing steps.

Yes it is possible to create more advanced frame work in Uipath than QTP/UFT.

Team thoughts are welcome on this point…


Thanks rkelchuri :slight_smile:

I’m currently working and designing an Test Automation Framewok using Ui path.

I tried my best to make it Hybrid , very resuable , enhanacble , robust and very good reporting mechanism .

I need to demo it to group so that we can make it better and the community can use it in their organisation as Test Automation Framewok.

Needs help to see the demo and advice , whoever wants to participate and interested in seeing what we have created.


Love to see your framework… please post here for community benefit and experts guidance…!


Rajiv, I’m interested to see this demo. Please share details - Thanks

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Hi Rajiv,

Please share your demo!

Hi Prabhat , I cant share as It’s internal but I can demo you seperately.

My number is 931 222 3290. Please ping me ones you get time so that we can schedule it.

Hello Rajiv,
It would be helpful if you outline steps (no Need to demo/display your company asset) of your Automation Frame work.
Community will appreciate your effort and will follow as well as will give inputs to improve… Life is learning… :smile:

Hello I would like to know how to use UiPath to treat as automation testing. And suggestion or steps can share with me.

How do we do assertions when we use UI path for test automation?

Also reporting?

Has this demo already happened? I would be interested to participate in it

Hi Rajiv,

Please let me know where I can get the help or samples to build a Framework for UI Path.

Thanks for your support.

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HI, I wanted to know which RPA tool is a free and open source and can we automate Web, Windows and mainframe applications with it. which will be good for Test automation?

Download UiPath Community version. It is free for limited seat license.

Hi rkelchuri,

I am working as a manual test engineer from last three years, when I initiated learning automation testing, I came across RPA(UI path) . In which I can proceed Selenium(Java) or UIpath. Please help me out of this. Which will be adding strength to my profile.