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  1. Web application automation UI Path tool: Is UI Path RPA and UI Path Studio for web is same tool or which tool to use? Note: I have experience with other UI Automation tools like selenium, TOSCA, Testim, TestComplete so just want to confirm if UI Path also has same capabilities and the license cost will be worth?
  2. Please share the link of related tutorial link so that I can try Web Application automation using UI path

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Check out the blog

UiPath integration with Selenium Script using Java, Python, etc. | by Nishith Shah | Medium.



UI Path Academy Web Automation Tutorials


Thank you for the link. Now the main question is, UI path is also for Web Automation Testing or not? Yes, we can automate web application steps and verify however since RPA Tools are powerful and expensive so is it the right choice for web application test automation or one should opt for other less costly specialised test automation tools?