UiPath vs Selenium

I really need help to document the differences between Selenium and UiPath. Only a last few days of my internship are left so I have to complete it on time. I know about UiPath, but I have no idea about Selenium. Can you please guide me a bit?

Selenium is just a test automation tool and designed specifically for testing only for GUI or Web based systems.
I don’t think its fair to compare testing tool with RPA tool.
Anyways you can get info about selenium from the net and distinguish the features offered in UiPath.


Yes, you are right. A testing tool has no comparison with a RPA tool. Thanks for the reply.

Selenium is tol as GUI test automation unlike UiPath but what can you do in UiPath you can’t do in Selenium?

Selenium is a tool which is used for testing only the web applications or website.

UiPath is a GUI based Robotics Process Automation tool. It provides a complete solution for application integration, automating third-party applications, administrative IT tasks and business IT processes.

Difference between Selenium and UiPath

  1. Selenium is used for testing web based applications, whereas UiPath is used to automate the complete process of any application either a web or desktop.
  2. We require command in at least one of the programming languages like Java, Python, PHP, Pearl for Selenium. Learn Selenium to gain indepth knowledge. In UiPath we need not to have the knowledge of any programming language, we just need to know the basic programming concepts like Flowchart, If conditions, loops and so on.
  3. Selenium is not compatible with the virtual environments like the Citrix but, UiPth has the capability to automate in virtual environments like Citrix.
  4. UiPath can be integrated with third party tools like SAP, Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Machine Learning and so on, whereas Selenium can be integrated with Sikuli, AutoIt, Jenkins, Maven and TestNG.
  5. UiPath consists of robots/ bots which is used for automating the processes just like humans, actually UiPath replaces humans. Selenium does not have such thing.

Nothing you can do in UIpath you cant with selenium, it may take more time to set up but you can do anything. Note that selenium is not standalone as UIPath, so you need to have c#, java or python behind selenium driving the actions. UIpath is very useful for tasks that require a quick automation workflow, perhaps to different sources, it comes with connectors to many other apps and in those cases UIpath beats selenium in dev effort required.

I’m working on a requirement now where there is data in an excel app and we need to transfer it to a webportal, insert in a form and submit. Using selenium for this just because it gives me more granurality, as you can see this is a very specific use case and each scenario is different, but to answer your question you can do with selenium+c# anything that uipath can do.

You need to evaluate your requirements, no solution will ever give you everything you need, its all about finding a balance(second most difficult thing in the world after understanding women)