Terminal Exception occurs very often when we reduce the DelayMS propery value in terminal activities



Scenario: I am using UiPath Terminal automation to connect to AS400 iSeries machine that runs an insurance core application. I use IBM Personal communications provider to connect to the terminal. The problem I face is when we try to increase the speed of navigation / data entry by reducing the DelayMS property (300 default value for many activities) the terminal session throws unexpected errors randomly.

My requirement is an approval process with thousands of transactions in an excel file to approve them. The robot need to be very fast due to the high volume expected. But in UiPath, we are not able achive the speed we want because the robot terminates for every 5 or 10 records and shows “Terminal Exception”. The same code, when we increase the DelayMS propery to 1000, then the robot executes with out any error/interruption irrespective of number of records. In this case it takes about 36 to 40 seconds to approve one record. that means it takes 10 hours to approve 1000 records which is not acceptable. Due to this we are forced to look at other automation options where the approval process can be done much faster.

The problem seems to be with UiPath tools terminal connection and processing ability. Is there a solution or patch available to fix this and achieve more speed? Do I have any other alternate provider that i can choose to connect to AS400 terminal so that i don’t get such errors? Any help is much appreciated.

Steps to reproduce: Create a flowchart / sequence to navigate AS400 terminal windows that performs data entry in to a screen for 50 records reading from excel. Now run the robot it will run correctly. Now inorder to increase the speed of Data entry, reduce the DelayMS default property value to 100 or less than 100. Run the process. the robot will throw terminal exception randomly.

Current Behavior:

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Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: 2016.1.6137

Last stable behavior: NA
Last stable version: NA
OS Version: Windows 7
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