UiPath Terminal Activities "Terminal error: Timeout"

Hi all,

I am working on an automation using IBM Terminal interface and when debugging/running some terminal activities will randomly not execute and will give an error “Terminal error: Timeout” I have not been able to find any solution on this on existing forums. I’m working with Studio Version 2020.10.4 and Terminal Activities v 2.4.0. If anyone has an idea on what is causing this/ how to fix it I would greatly appreciate some guidance.


@ET_Busch is the element appearing on the Terminal


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I guess your Mainframe terminal taking more time to respond because of that you are getting this error. Can you please increase the Timeout for little more and then check it once.

This is pretty common with terminal activities and a third party client. You should switch to Direct Connection. It uses an internal UiPath terminal client and is far more reliable than third party clients.

Hi, yes the element is appearing. The terminal works just fine and the activity will usually work upon clicking the try button in debug.

Hi, is this in the configure connection setting or in the project settings? I have the TimeoutMS set to 50,000 in the activity and 10,000 in the project settings.

Hi, unfortunately I am using direct connection :smiling_face_with_tear: and am still having the issue. It’s only been in this project however and not in others. It’s cloned from a repository if that makes any difference.

Is there any consistency in when it happens? Certain screen? After performing a certain command?

Mostly on “send control key” and “set field at position” activities. I’m having some luck just running the scripts until they fail on an activity and re-creating that activity. As tedious as it is it seems to be doing the trick as my runs are progressing further.

Not sure if it helps, but the way I usually do mainframe automation is to Move Cursor to the position I want to type, then Send Keys.

I’ll give this a try going forward, thank you for trying to help :slight_smile:

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