Terminal Connection (Attachmate Extra) error on Terminal Server

Hello everyone. I have a process designed on Mainframes application. Bot is running fine on local machine but not working on Terminal Server. I am getting following error on Orchestrator.


I checked thoroughly with all dependency files from local machine to server. Everything is there. I couldn’t find any query or solution on forum. Seems like unique issue. Any help would be appreciated.

@badita @ClaytonM @loginerror Please help me here

Does it fail immediately? Or does it only fail when trying to pass the terminal connection as an out argument?

What type of terminal connection are you using?

I can’t remember if I have seen this issue. I would suggest placing a Log Message at the start of the workflow where out_terminal is passed into and also before the invoke. Also, if the Terminal Session is deeper in the code, place a Log Message before that point too.

This will tell you exactly when the error occurs. If the error happens during the start of the Invoke but doesn’t actually go into the first sequence, then there is a glitch with the arguments. In that case, you would want to make sure that the Invoke Directions match the arguments in the workflow being invoked.


It fails immediately within 1 sec. I am using Attachmate Extra. It’s failing at the starting of the code.

Hey @ClaytonM I am not getting this issue on local machine, it is running fine but only on Orchestrator on Terminal Server. I don’t have terminal session deeper in the code, only at the starting of the code. Tried with In/Out direction in argument from out direction. Still getting the same issue.

Any idea?

Are you invoking that workflow? Make sure it has IN/OUT in the Arguments in the Invoke so it passes with the same direction.

Just trying to figure out where the exact point of the error is. There’s a chance Orchestrator could act different to arguments, but knowing where the error happens, will help identify what’s going on.

Also, check to make sure you have the correct Main xaml in the project.json, cause if it’s using the wrong xaml, you could get some Orchestrator errors.

@ClaytonM There is no issue with project.json and Main.Xaml. I am using Attachmate Extra for terminal session. UiPath has Attachmate Extra in their default terminal providers list. Should I use IBM EHLLAPI instead of default Attachmate Extra? One more thing, on server I could see the UI is completely different from my local machine but there is no change in coordinates. Only change is colors and font size. Is that an issue?

That shouldn’t matter as long as it works on your local machine.

You would want to test your workflow in the other environment on the server first before uploading to Orchestrator, because your local machine might be set up for the mainframe, but the other machine might not be set up correctly, resulting in the connection to not work to the mainframe. If you can’t test this on the server, then you may want to check with the server admin to ensure that the mainframe settings mirror your local environment.

Those are just some other thoughts.