Terminal Error

Hi all,

I am Getting this error when i am running the bot in vm machine but in my local its working fine.I have placed the profile path in project package itself and i am using relative path.(\xyz\abc.WS)

Error Code: There was an error connecting to terminal. Error code: ErrorCreatingTerminalProxy

Anyone Please Help.

Thanks In Advance.

Hi @praneethpeyyeti
Can you share some of your code?
Sounds like an connection to Orchestrator issue due to proxy.
Did you set up your network and access as on your local machine?

Hi @MickeyFireMouse

this is the connection string i am using for terminal session activity

inProfilePath value is “C:\PCOMM\AB3270.WS” in my local i am using same configuration its working fine but when i am deploying in orchestrator and running in server machine(VDI) I am facing error like error connecting to terminal. Error code: ErrorCreatingTerminalProxy.

can you please help on this.
Thanks In advance.

Hi @praneethpeyyeti,

Once you can check the, EhllSession Name in your VDI Terminal(Session short name), and have you checked the property of Classic HLLAPI Data Structure.

I hope this helps.


Hi @ronak_94

thanks for reply.

where we can check EhllSession Name and Classic HLLAPI Data Structure.

In your Terminal, you can find the same-

  1. For EhllSession Name---- Path is :Options->API->Identification
  2. For Classic FLLAPI Data Structure----- Path is :Options->API->Configuration


I am not able to find options can you share screenshot if you have

Please refer to the below link:-

under 4.4. Using IBM EHLL standard as you are connecting your terminal with IBM EHLLAPI Provider.

I am not able to find C:\Program Files (x86)\Attachmate\EXTRA!. as mentioned in IBM implementation

which terminal application you are automating?

Is it micro focus Rumba?

Please attach a screenshot if possible .

TN3270 is the main frame application we are using

Based on the connection string, ProviderType = 1, this is an IBM Personal Communications terminal emulator.

@praneethpeyyeti , IBM PComm interface is quite sensitive to the profile location and can react negatively if it’s not stored in the default profile location. Which is to say it must be in something like: ‘C:\Users\Cornel\AppData\Roaming\IBM\Personal Communications’
I see you moved profile file to project’s folder. This might be the cause for it not working, try to keep it in IBM PComm’s profiles folder (see the likely path above)

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thanks for reply

I need to give full path in profile parameter right C:\Users\Cornel\AppData\Roaming\IBM\Personal Communications\xyz.WS

Yes, full path.

(but change “Cornel” to your user over there)
Let me know if it connects ok.

thanks for reply @cornel

In My Local Machine it works fine but if deploy in orchestrator and running in server machine(VM) it says There was an error connecting to terminal. Error code: ErrorCreatingTerminalProxy Terminal Session.

I have used full path as : C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\IBM\Personal Communications\xyz.WS in profile parameter.

Please help me on this

can any one please reply on the above issue asap.

Thanks In Advance

I’d start checking permissions on that machine (antiviruses, policies, etc.).
The mechanism is that UiPath processes attach to IBM PComm’s COM interface (in the manner you connect right now).
So something is preventing that and UiPath processes might need to be white-listed in whatever security apps/policies are in effect.
I would take one of those machines, put an UiPath Studio on it, and try to connect with “Run as Administrator”. If this works, it means the user or processes are restricted in some way.

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