Connection between mainframe and terminal session

Hi all,

Here is the problem I am facing, I am using a terminal activity (from UiPath.Terminal.Activities Package v1.3.0) on Studio, to access mainframe emulator to extract some text.

I have configured the connection as follows:

Here is my observation, 90% of the time, when robot is executed, connection is successfully established and the extraction can be done successfully. However, there are times where the connection fails and a timeout error is thrown.

Any idea how to make the connection more stable?

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Hi @robot_learner,

The default TimeoutMS in terminal activities is 5000 ms. You can increase the value where you are facing the timeout error problem.



Hi @kadiravan_kalidoss

Thanks for the reply. To clarify, the issue is with the “Terminal Session” activity which by default has a TimeoutMS of 50000ms. In my current situation, most of the time, connection is established within this 50000ms but there are times where ‘timeout error’ is thrown.

I have tried to increase timeout value from 50000ms to 60000ms but issue still occurs. Hence, I am wondering whether there is a workaround to prevent such timeout issues from occurs.

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Try this


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Hi @kadiravan_kalidoss,

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am running on Enterprise Standalone without Orchestrator (no Orchestrator installed).



It depends where the error is occurring:

Are you receiving the error prior to even connecting to the terminal?

If so - Make sure that on the Terminal Session options you are selecting Close Connection, at times this can cause issues. Prior to starting any of the actions it is always best to kill the processes relating to the terminal so that there’s a clean session before executing the workflow.

If you are receiving the error when navigating through your terminal then you simply need to increase the timeouts.