There was an error connecting to Terminal. Error Code: Timeout

currently I am facing with an issue, which only appears when I start the process from Orchestrator. When I start the process directly on the virtual machine, there is no problem with the execution. The main error which occurs when executing with Orchestrator is mentioned in the title.

I observed that the Terminal Session is started on the machine when executing through the Orchestrator. It seems that there is just a problem when the robot tries to recognize that the session is opened successfully.

Does anyone has got an idea how to fix that problem?

PS: I am using IBM Personal Communications.


Hi, can you explain better what are the activities and versions you are using?

For the Terminal Automation I use the Activity “Terminal Session”. The version of the Terminal package is v.1.3.4.

Studio version is 2018.4.6 and the Orchestrator version is 2018.4.4.

Thank you!