Terminal Connection Activity


I have a very basic question, how can i connect to the terminal pls help

edit: im using reflection for unix btw and now im getting Error waiting for terminal host service Timeout, seems like the terminal is not opening

anyone have any idea?

You don’t have the connection configured properly. Add a new blank Terminal Session Activity, click the button to get into the config wizard, and take a screenshot of it. Send it to one of your mainframe admins who can tell you what to put for each setting.

Also, I recommend using the Direct Connection option. The other options require you to install a third party client.

i have tried using existing profile as well in the meantime, that should be working right?
but i still get the same error of Waiting for terminal host service timeout

None of the options will work unless you have them configured properly.

i think the configuration is ok, just the path of the terminalprofile?
bcs i have got new error of:
Terminal Session: There was an error deserializing the object type UiPath.Terminal.Data.ConnectionData. Encountered unexpected character ‘|’.

terminalProfilepath that i passed is: “C:\Test\TerminalName.r2w”

not sure where went wrong

Do you have a terminal client installed?

You really should be using Direct Connect, because it doesn’t require a terminal client nor profile. You just configure the connection and you’re done, UiPath establishes its own direct connection.