Terminal Session Blank Screen

Hey Team,

I’m trying to open up a terminal activity via the UiPath Internal Provider but the session is blank.

I’ve taken the suggestion to continue on with the blank screen, and I can see the connection made with the server however no key inputs are being transmitted. I’ve tested this across different computers with all the same issue.

Any suggestions?


What are all the properties you have set for opening a terminal activity
and what activity are you using

Hi Ashwin,

Thanks for responding.

We have the following parameters set:

Provider: UiPath Internal
Show client application: Checked
Attach to existing session: Unchecked
Manually specify address: Checked
Address: Our server
Port: Our server port
Type: VT

Any other properties will result in a connection error.

I’m just trying to get it working, with the plan to be to view a config file and potentially alter it.